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Speculation on 'History'

Thinking globally!

It has been said that Freemasonry originated in the
Egyptian Mysteries, and other
ancient Mystery Systems.
Other related directions can be explored from this base.
One such direction especially crucial for Prince Hall Freemasons is:

Freemasonry, Prince Hall, Reverend  John Marrant, and Genealogy

by Joanna Brooks, Ph.D.

This essay is recommended by PM Darryl W. Washington, Philomatheon Lodge No. 2

It was written by Dr. Joanna Brooks, then an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Texas, Austin. Her research generally focuses on early American religions and literatures.  She is one of a growing number of scholars who are doing research which explore Prince Hall the man, and Prince Hall Freemasonry.  Although this is the most complex, challenging work presented here thus far, it is the most important, because it provides a new framework of ideas—a new perspective--from which to examine and practice Prince Hall Freemasonry within the universal body of Freemasonry in the 21st Century.  Her observations deserve our close attention and analysis, and are presented elsewere on this site.
        This article is 24-pages long.  Its material is what used to be called "deep" or "heavy".
          BUT. . .  It states the thought that is part of the foundation of our existence today.

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